Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Japan Trip Day #2 Tokyo : Akihabara - Ginza - Roppongi

Japan Trip

Day #2 24/05/14 Saturday

Actually I had planned to visit Studio Ghibli museum on this Japan trip. I really looove Studio Ghibli! Do you know Totoro , Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle? They are some of Studio Ghibli's masterpieces. My favorites! <3 Oh, and I really am a big fan of the genius composer Joe Hisaishi who made almost all their soundtracks.
If you ever watched Studio Ghibli's movie, please let me know what's your fave movie/ character! and if you haven't, please watch them! I highly recommend it :D

ANDDDD unfortunately, it was closed for periodic maintenace during my visit :( :( . So if you want to visit the museum, better look for the schedule on their website first ( ). For your information, the museum close every Tuesday, and the ticket price for adult (19+) is 1000Yen. You can buy the ticket @ Lawson, they are almost everywhere in Japan.

So, I changed my plan. I went to Akihabara (people called it Akiba). The anime-manga-jpop district center in Tokyo. Very huge area, and can be pretty confusing.  I was looking for any of Ghibli's souvenirs, and fortunately met some new friends (Michael, Phil, Bo) @ souvenir shop. Michael is a big fan of Ghibli's work too. so, I ended up sightseeing and playing arcades together in Akiba with them.

Akihabara Map ( )

Subway Route to Akihabara (

Welcome to Akihabara!

Yodobashi-Akiba building, one of the biggest shopping mall in Akiba.

Gamers Mecca!


Studio Ghibli's souvenirs!!

Michael, Phil & Bo playing the arcade.

After that, I went to Ginza and Roppongi. I was happy that I found Maman, The big spider sculpture in Mori Park, Roppongi. If you're curious about what Maman is, you can check on'm kind of addicted with this sculpture, and would love to see them around the world :p (yes, they are well spread around the famous public area around the world).

For me, Both Ginza and Roppongi are just like ordinary place in a modern & well developed city. Roppongi has a lot of luxury shops, fancy restaurants, and hippest bars. Ginza has a lot of shopping malls. That's a little bit too much for me, since Jakarta has a lot of them already.

Ginza Map (
Ginza Map.


Chuo-dori / Ginza Street

cosplay :-?

Street Art Performance.

Roppongi Map (
Roppongi Hills Map.

Escalator from subway to Roppongi Hills.


Typical subway line. Safe enough to prevent suicide.

I visited Hibiya Park near Ginza to have lunch, and found out that there was a beer party. The Octoberfest in May! Soo many people gathered, and it was a great ambience! People were singing and dancing and cheering. The beer costs 1000¥ for 300ml. There were also lots of food stalls and picnic bench everywhere. Refreshing! After that, I went on a walk around Hibiya Park. The park was tidy, clean, well-planned, well-maintained, and full of life. 
Food stall under the train.

Artificial Lake @ Hibiya Park.

Relax time!

October fest @ Hibiya Park.

All people singing and dancing chicken dance!

Oh! I forget to mention 1 simple interesting thing. The toilets in Japan! LOL. It was a new thing for me. Quite high-tech and thoughtful ! Imagine a toilet with fake flush sounds so you won't hear any undesirable sounds from toilet cubical, a blower, and an automatic spray with speed options. On my first day, I spent some time to analyze and tried all the function! hahahaha. It was pretty confusing though, because everything was in Japanese @_@

Typical toilet in Japan.

I found this tutorial on my last day in Japan @ Kansai International Airport :p .


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