Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

South Korean Visa Free / Bebas Visa Korea Selatan

I just finished my Japan and Korea Trip last week. It was 21 days. 12 days in Japan, and 10 days in South Korea. I'm gonna write a long story about this trip later after I finished compiling my travel pictures.

First of all, the most important information that I want to share is how to get the South Korean visa free for Indonesian passport. You know that for Indonesian passport holder it is not easy to go to some places, because of the visa restriction. We have to apply for the visa to enter South Korea and Japan. Applying visa means we have to go to the embassy, provide bank account statement, recommendation letter from company (that I will go back to Indonesia without seeking for any job in the destination country), etc. Not very convenient, and collecting all the requirements is really taking time, that some people just gave up applying that.
But! if you're on transit (or stop over) and have some eligible visas that haven't expired yet to some of the listed countries, you don't need visa to enter South Korea! How nice is it?

Why blogging?

I got an insight today. 

Stefani, one of my best friend, asked me to send my Japan trip itinerary that I've just finished last week. So, after I sent her parts of my trip journal, She asked me about why don't I try writing a travel blog? Since I have stories about my travel experience, and I like to write travel journals. Why don't I share them to public? I only have one answer in my mind. I'm just lack of motivation to write things. 

Then, She told me a story about her visit to Phuket, Thailand. She used a tour agent that is recommended by a blog, and the tour agent said about how thankful they are to that blogger, because it brings them a lot of customer. 
And that's an insight for me. 
It's really a good thing! I've never think about that actually. That my blog can help many people. Not just the traveler, but also the local business environment !

So, thank you so much my dear friend, Stefani. Thank you for reminding me a very good point to motivate me! Thank you for saying "I think you should start to create one". :)
I'm starting now, and I hope my blog can inform well and help many people.


Welcome to Lunania New World!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! :) 

 Actually, I have some blogs before this, just to post some random things, and then i always forget to update the blog. Bad thing, Since so many interesting things in my life that i want to share with you all! 

 Soo, here is my new blog. Why Lunania? because Luna means moon, and since I'm a cancerian, I'm a moonchild. That's truly represent myself. Moon is kind of my lucky thing.

I'm very new with this writing world. I guess I'm pretty much a newbie, so I really need your help as my reader. Please comment anything that could improve me as a writer. Anything! I hope i can be a good informer and could share anything that brings you goodness with this blog. 

Happy reading! ;)