Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why blogging?

I got an insight today. 

Stefani, one of my best friend, asked me to send my Japan trip itinerary that I've just finished last week. So, after I sent her parts of my trip journal, She asked me about why don't I try writing a travel blog? Since I have stories about my travel experience, and I like to write travel journals. Why don't I share them to public? I only have one answer in my mind. I'm just lack of motivation to write things. 

Then, She told me a story about her visit to Phuket, Thailand. She used a tour agent that is recommended by a blog, and the tour agent said about how thankful they are to that blogger, because it brings them a lot of customer. 
And that's an insight for me. 
It's really a good thing! I've never think about that actually. That my blog can help many people. Not just the traveler, but also the local business environment !

So, thank you so much my dear friend, Stefani. Thank you for reminding me a very good point to motivate me! Thank you for saying "I think you should start to create one". :)
I'm starting now, and I hope my blog can inform well and help many people.


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  1. Ayo Dan! post semua itinerary perjalanan plus foto2nya :D