Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Japan Trip Day #4 Tokyo : Tsukiji - Ueno

Japan Trip

Day #4 26/05/14 Monday

What is the first thing on your mind, if someone ask you about Japanese food? I bet most people will answer : Sushi ! 
I thought, eating sushi is a must when I was in Japan. So, I googled some places, and found the must visit place called 'Tsukiji Fish Market'. It said that there are a lot of sushi restaurants, using the super fresh ingredients, and definitely is a must try.

I was informed, there are 2 famous sushi places named 'Dai' and 'Daiwa' , and the queue  for both were crazy! Most people went to Tsukiji Fish Market really early, seriously like 4 or 5 AM @_@. They take a taxi, because the earliest train is 5.30AM. Usually people watch the Tuna auction first, and then go to the sushi place. 

Me? It's a big NO for me waking up that early.

Okay, I'm not a morning person, and I chose to prepare myself for the queueing thing. I left Kuramae station at 7AM, stopped at Tsukijishijo station (Oedo Line E18). The fish market is right next to the station exit. The fish market is closer with Tsukijishijo station than Tsukiji station (Hibiya Line H10).

Before entering Tsukiji Fish Market.

Map of Tsukiji Fish Market.

It was the cleanest fish market I've ever visited!

When I arrived there, I was quite surprised, there were really long lines on both Dai and Daiwa sushi! I had prepared for that, but still the line surprised me! The Daiwa sushi queue was full, so I couldn't get into the line. I went to Dai sushi,located next to Daiwa, and had to wait out about at least 60 people x_x. Luckily, I found out that the woman behind me was an Indonesian too! Whoaa, what a nice coincidence! So, we waited about 4.5 hrs, because we got in at 11.30AM. I was so relieved I got a friend to wait together. Five hours waiting alone could be very devastating! And there was no seat, so we had to sit on the ground under the sun. Yayy!

Long line for Sushi Dai.

Right in front of the restaurant. We have the second queue for Sushi Dai.

Inside Sushi Dai. The chefs were uber friendly :)

I ordered the omakase - chef's choice sushi set, the price was 3900 JPY for 11 pieces. The place was small, so small that it could only fit for 10 people in the sushi bar. The sushi was better than I expected. Indeed, they were all fresh and made from high quality ingredients. But, I am not sure if I want to stand in that long line again for the second time to eat sushi. After all, it was part of the tourist experience! 

Craving for these sushi? :p

After Tsukiji Fish Market, I went to Ginza again to buy L'Occitane face soap. I got a skin problem before the trip. My skin became acne prone, and the weather in Japan was too dry for my skin, so I needed a moisturizing facial soap. Shea butter cream was a big help too.

The last place on my list that day was Ueno. I love Ueno! especially because there are a lot of street food stalls and shopping street. Ueno park was on my list too to take a break. 

Then, it was dinner time when I met a kind pretty boy named Taiki in a restaurant. Suddenly he sat right next to me, and I was surprised because he looked like Lee Jong Hyun from C.N.Blue Korean boyband! hahahaha. After dinner, we took a walk together until I reached the station.


Thematic restaurants in Ueno.

Food stalls in Ueno.

Ueno Koen / Ueno Park.

Map of Ueno Park.

Afternoon strolling.

Fell in love instantly when seeing this dog pic! 

I came to K's House early and found out there were some new roommates : Erica and Rex from South Korea. The night was full of laughter, because all the time Erica and Rex were pretending as a newlywed, and almost everyone in the guesthouse believed that :)).

We were becoming too noisy in the room, so we decided to go to the nearest bar. We went to Nui Bar with awesome rustic interior design. Had a good laugh and cheers, until a drunk man approached us and kept asking strange questions to me and Erica. We decided to leave him and back to K's House.

Roommates @ K's House Tokyo.

 I thank The Universe for the enormous helps and lovely friends I had during the trip! :) 


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