Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Japan Trip Day #6 Kyoto

Japan Trip

Day #6 28/05/14 Wednesday

I arrived way too early in Kyoto, about 7 in the morning. The tourist information center had not opened yet, so I just went directly to my hostel.

I stayed for 3 days 2 Nights at JAM Hostel Kyoto. The price was 2000 JPY/night for a bunk bed in a 6 people room. I had made a booking through my fave website before. 

The best part from JAM Hostel was its location. It's perfect! Located in Gion (the most popular area in Kyoto!), beside the river with lovely waterfront area. The room itself was so spacious! The facilities were also complete, only the bathroom was only two, so I had to queue to take a shower. It has private toilet inside every room. So, don't worry about the toilet hassle in the morning ;)

JAM Hostel also has a very nice bar on the ground floor. It has nice ambience there, and not so expensive. I could say the bar is their lobby too. I put my rucksack in the lobby, and took a walk until my check in time (3 PM). 
Jam Hostel's front facade.

Super comfy dorm room @ Jam Hostel.

Lockers inside bedroom.

Spacious room for 8 people.

Private toilet inside every room.

Kamo River/ Kamo-gawa. The riverbanks are popular walking spots in Kyoto.

I was surprised that I was able to go to many places that day. I managed to visit Yasaka Shrine (near hostel), Kiyomizudera Temple (500 JPY), Ginkakuji Temple (300 JPY), Path of Philosophy (which was nice, but I bet it will be prettier in the cherry blossom season).

O-mikuji, as referred by Wikipedia, are random fortune written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. These are usually received by making a small offering (generally a five-yen coin as it is considered good luck) and randomly choosing one from a box, hoping for the resulting fortune to be good.

Map around Yasaka Shrine and Gion (some of main tourist attractions).

Train map in Kyoto.

Pathway inHigashiyama.

Statues Information. The pictures are cute! :p

Tutorial for touching the statues.

Ramen traditional restaurant.

The studio of for Geiko-Maiko-Samurai cosplaying,
 on the way to Kiyomizu-dera temple.

Green tea refreshments!

beautiful summer sky!

Girls wearing yukata, summer kimono.

Students wafting the smoke over their heads to catch the blessings of the deity or
 to burn away impurities.

Almost all shrines sell talismans/charms to bring good luck or keep evil away.

Kiyomizu-dera temple.

O-mikuji attached to a tree.

Kiyomizu-dera from below.

Traditional Drink and Snack Restaurant.

 Philosopher's Path.

 Fumimaro Antiques,  a small shop at Philosopher's Path.
The shop sells fine second hand traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono, haori, obi, etc.

Then I spent the whole day taking buses everywhere I could reach (don't forget to buy the 1 day pass bus, you can buy inside the bus by talking to the driver or at the station). It was pretty convenient, but not that efficient like train. 
The last destination for that day was Nishiki Market which is very close to JAM Hostel. When I arrived there at 8 PM, I just knew that the market had closed already at 6 PM, but the good thing was I found 'Chicago' store!! I was overjoyed! Because I was looking for this shop before. Rex (my room mate friend in K's House Tokyo) told me about this store that sells (secondhand and new) any kind of Japanese traditional clothes with really good price! And indeed, it was one of the best store! Yayyy!! :D Surely a shopping destination for everyone! 

I found that many stores sell traditional clothes, but I think some of them were overpriced. I didn't really like the fabric with the price they were giving. But, I promise you, you won't be disappointed by Chicago! I almost forgot the time while choosing the kimono and outer, until the staff said they're closing already :p .

 Lovely fabric!

 Teramachi Street.

 CHICAGO, Best shop for buying kimono! 

 CHICAGO @ Teramachi Street, Kyoto.


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