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Life is Fine

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Japan Trip Day #5 Tokyo : Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, Odaiba

Japan Trip

Day #5 27/05/14 Tuesday

I had spent 5 days in Tokyo, and finally it was time for me to move to other city, Kyoto. I felt sad, because I loved Tokyo already, especially the people I have met. I booked a business class seat (7,850 JPY) for a night bus ticket to Kyoto via Willer Express website . I chose the bus that has toilet and baggage room. In fact, I didn't use the toilet at all, because all I did was sleep all the time until I arrived at Kyoto station. Next time, I'm gonna book the cheaper seat!

Willer Express night bus' business class seat.

One last thing I wanted to try before going to Kyoto was having Onsen experience. I kept my baggage at K's House and then I went to Odaiba area, a little bit far from Tokyo city center. I took about 45-60 min train ride and walked to reach 'Oedo Onsen Monogatari' , a natural onsen (hot spring) theme park. There were 14 varieties of baths, including indoor baths. The entrance and facilities cost 2,640 JPY. Every visitors must wear casual yukata(s), which has beautiful patterns. Actually I wanted so bad to buy them, but unfortunately they were not for sale :( . 
The front of Oedo Onsen Monogatari.

Each rooms were separated between men and women rooms, except one area where everyone (men and women) could spend the day strolling through the shopping arcades decorated as such in old Edo era. 

The bath itself was quite a new experience for me. At first, I felt awkward getting naked together in the bath room. And then, I was getting used to it and enjoyed moving from one bath to another bath. 

About the washing area, the onsen operator provided full set of amenities, including shampoo, soap, lotion, moisturizer, toner, etc. Don't forget to try the popular refreshing milk in the refrigerator inside the changing room. We can just tap the bracelet we're given as payment tool.

After having the onsen experience, I felt my skin got smoother and firmer. Now, I know why Japanese people have nice skin. I should have more onsen experience! ;)

Odaiba Map (


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