Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Friday, October 3, 2014

Japan Trip Day #10 Osaka : Dotobori

Japan Trip

Day #10 01/06/14 Sunday

I felt a bit melancholic because that day was my last day in Nara. I had to leave Nara for Osaka. Before I left Hide's house, I finally tried the okonomiyaki cooked by Hide's Mum. おいしい ! It was a simple but tasty one! I was wondering if I can buy the flour and cooked it by myself at home. I heard that Osaka was famous for its okonomiyaki too! I couldn't wait to do culinary in Osaka! :))

So Hide's Mum dropped us at the nearest station to take train to Osaka. I was so touched with Hide's family kindness. They were so caring and funny, made me think about my family a lot :( . I hope I will meet them again to show gratitude in Japanese! :)

It took 1 hr 20 min from Nara to Osaka. I stopped at Namba station, because my hotel was located in Namba area. The hotel name was 'First Cabin Midosuji Namba', I booked it via  It was quite a new experience for me. I got my own 'cabin', like a capsule hotel but bigger one. Its concept is all room designed with theme like in a plane so people can feel that they are staying as a first class passenger on plane. I got slippers, and changing clothes everyday (nightwear). The most notable one was the public bathroom! It was like a sento or public bath in Japan. So everybody should get naked together while washing ourself. What an experience!
Beside that, they provide superb facilities. Clean and new furniture, full set of bathroom and skin care amenities, washing machine (coin operated), library, vending machine.
The location was perfect too! It was in the downtown area and near the iconic Dotonbori area, and located right next to the station. I paid 7120 JPY for 2 nights, more expensive that the other guesthouse, but it was all good. 

First Cabin Midosuji Namba inside the Namba Building.

Hotel's Front Desk.

Namba Station, right under the Namba building.

Silent and gloomy room corridor.

Big capsule as my bedroom. Felt like in a first class cabin!

Corridor with complete facilities.

Woman's public toilet with complete amenities.

Library/ Recreation Room.

After putting my rucksack at the cabin's lobby, I took a walk to Osaka-jo ('jo' is 'castle' in Japanese) and the area near hotel while waiting for the dinner time :)) . Dotonbori area was pretty much interesting. Mostly filled with shopping area and food! There were a lot of good shops there, and I couldn't buy too much because my rucksack was getting bigger and bigger, and I had to save some space for the Korea trip after that. The most important thing was I had to save money too X_X


So finally, the dinner time had come! I and Hide tried one of the okonomiyaki restaurant in Dotonbori area. Luckily it was a good one! So we had the fried pan on our table, and the chef cooked right in front of us. Interesting! And the taste was good too! So Osaka indeed has a good okonomiyaki, it was not just about words ;) . 

Osaka's Okonomiyaki! Itadakimasu!

Iconic Dotonbori area with Glico Man.


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