Life is Fine

Life is Fine

Friday, October 3, 2014

Japan Trip Day #11 Osaka : Umeda & Dotonbori

Japan Trip

Day #11 02/06/14 Monday

My eleventh day on Japan trip! I didn't have much time left in Osaka. The next day, I should leave Osaka for Seoul, and I had planned days in Osaka would be my chill relax time.
I woke up late because there were no sounds in the corridor at all. People are not allowed to use the alarm on the phone. So that they provide alarm in some kind of radio and I had to wear earphones to hear my alarm. I didn't like that so I decided to wake up late instead :p. 

The corridor was always dark and silent, creating a private and formal ambience. There were only the humming sounds from air conditioner. I felt lonely. It was my first accommodation with private room. Sometimes it was nice, but sometimes I felt lonely. :(
Luckily Manuel and Dominic (friends I met at JAM Hostel Kyoto) messaged me that they would arrive in Osaka that night! So we arranged a meeting for dinner in Dotonbori.

I decided to go to Kita-ku area to see the iconic Umeda sky building. Overall, I saw Osaka as a more casual Tokyo. Many tall, modern, grand buildings in Osaka, especially in Kita-ku. It was one of the commercial and financial administration centers of Osaka.

Elevator capsule @ Umeda Sky Building.

Beautifully arranged urban space, located next to Grand Front Osaka building.

For dinner, I, Manuel and Dominik bought 3 sets of takoyaki because there were so many takoyaki stalls and we chose 3 stalls with the longest line, with assumption that maybe they were the best :)) So we were on the 3 different line. There were no free seats available to eat takoyaki. We decided to sit on the stairs next to the river and shared our delightful takoyaki balls.

My takoyaki / octopus balls. :D

It was almost 11pm, and we couldn't find any bars nearby to continue our conversations. Too bad that we finally decided to go back to our hostels. We separated at Namba station. 
That night I only slept for about 2 hrs, because I had to pack for the following morning while still having to do my laundry. I wanted to bring clean clothes to Seoul, that's why I insisted on washing my clothes that night. In the end, I fell asleep and took my laundry before I left the cabin in the morning. :))



  1. This place is absolutely wonderful, especially for a weekend getaway! Although I've never been there, I'm adding it to my bucket list right now!! Lovely pictures! :*

  2. Thank you for your visit Agness! It's highly recommended, especially for its foods ;)